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a polyfusion of media

Great poster of an interesting event in 1974. I did not realize Bill Etra did live performances too with his Rutt/Etra video synthesizer. Some more information from ‘The Monroe Doctrine’, a local paper a few days before: “‘Polyfusion,’ an hour long blending of the Central […]


martian layers

picture came from here.


vague terrain 14

‘tp8′ (left) and ‘tp2′ (right) by Jonathan McCabe. One of my favourite blogs around is dataisnature, and its author, Paul Prudence, has edited the 14th issue of the online journal ‘Vague Terrain’. It is a great collection of stuff, mostly visual and architectural work around […]


n’ergotons plus, je vous prie

Came accross this brilliant abstract comics page by Ibn al Rabin, real name Mathieu Baillif, from Genève. Apparently this had its first life as a photocopied fanzine. The original page (in real size) you can find here. I have no idea if this is in […]


the future is retro

The two first images triggered by the last; the first is the ‘Island Dance Restaurant’, designed by Norman Bel Geddes in 1924, the second is ‘Air Liner number 4′, a flying ocean liner of 8 decks, designed by Norman Bel Geddes in 1929, the third […]


some systemic thinking

The whole diagram you can find here.



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