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  • Soundfields from the Netherlands” (for Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, 2008)
  • “Visual Music from the Netherlands” (for “Independent Film Show”, Napoli, 2007)
  • Abstract Film and Utopia” (for “Independent Film Show”, Napoli, 2006)
  • “Motors of Invention” (for Filmwerkplaats, Worm, Rotterdam, 2006)
  • two programs on abstract cinema (for Leids Filmfestival, Scheltema, Leiden, 2006)
  • Crystals and Curves” (for Avanto Festival, Helsinki, 2005)
  • “Masters of the Abstract” (for Fantoche Festival, Baden, Switzerland, 2005)
  • two programs of experimental and scientific cinema (for Filmmuseum, Brussels, 2004)
  • 4D” (for Nederlands Filmmuseum, 2004)
  • two “Sonic Light” programmes (for Cinematexas, Austin, 2003)
  • “Sonic Light 2003” (for Sonic Acts festival, 2003)
  • Ladislav Galeta program (for Cinema De Balie, Amsterdam)
  • “De Avond van Joost Rekveld” (for DEAF festival, Rotterdam, 2000)
  • selection of recent work (for “Global Attic Festival”, Rotterdam, 2000)
  • “Inner and Outer Space” (for Cinema De Balie, Amsterdam, 1999)
  • abstract film program for studium generale on colour (Leiden University, 1998)
  • “The element of Time”, two filmprograms (Impakt Festival, 1997)
  • abstract film program (Sonic Acts festival, Amsterdam, 1997)
  • “Film and Perspective”, three filmprograms (Impakt Festival, 1996)
  • curator/organizer IMPAKT-festival (1992)
  • abstract film program in Electronic Music course (for Amsterdam Summer University, 1991)
  • “Muziek voor het Oog” (for Nederlands Filmmuseum en “De Unie”)
  • curator/organizer IMPAKT-festival (1991)
  • program about abstract film (for AVE-festival, Arnhem)
  • “Optofonie” (program for Haags Gemeentemuseum)
  • curator/organizer IMPAKT-festival (1990)

Joost Rekveld