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As a consquence of my recent explorations of radar display tubes, I’ve become not only interested in tubes that turn electronic signals into light patterns, but also in those that do the reverse. Until the mid-1980’s all video camera’s were based on tubes in which a photosensitive surface is scanned by an electron beam. During […]


This year’s Sonic Acts festival saw the premiere of my new installation #71.1, as part of their exhibition in The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. #71.1 is a generative audiovisual composition for radar display tube and analog chaotic circuit, an experimental outcome of my long-term research project ‘Dialogues with Machines’ at KASK, and co-commissioned by Sonic […]

11 films

At the latest Rotterdam Film festival was the launch of a project that has been quite some time in the making: a DVD/Blu-ray box set with my main films until 2018. It is great that these are now out there in another format than only distribution copies for cinema screenings. It feels like closure of […]




Since almost a year now I have been working on the long-term research project ‘Dialogues with Machines’ that I am undertaking at the KASK School of Arts in Ghent. The first practical steps in that research project involve developing an approach to the analog synthesis of HD video; on the one hand looking back at […]


Part of the retrospective programmes that I had at the most recent Rotterdam Film festival (2017) was the premiere of a new piece, #67. This work was commissioned by LIMA in Amsterdam as part of ‘Unfold‘, a project that investigates re-interpretation as a strategy for the preservation and activation of media art works. #67 was […]

more Meno

An unexpected encounter with an old question on pages 21-22 of Michael Polanyi, “The Tacit Dimension”, University of Chicago Press, 2009: “It is a commonplace that all research must start from a problem. Research can be successful only if the problem is good; it can be original only if the problem is original. But how […]

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