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Tomorrow will be the opening of the Synthetic Cinema exhibition that is part of the SHARE Conference in Belgrade. which includes my #37 amongst works by Paul Prudence, Lia, Woody Vasulka & Brian O┬┤Reilly, Qayola, Tina Frank and Robert Seidel. On Saturday April 9th, I […]


wormhole Dordrecht

Yesterday was the opening of Wormhole Dordrecht, an exhibition Edwin van der Heide and I have curated for the CBK in Dordrecht. They invited us to make an exhibition with some of our ex-students based on our reflections on the possibillities of sound art in […]


soundfields from the netherlands in brisbane

Today will be the screening of a film programme I put together for the Australian Cinematheque at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane, Australia. It is a part of a much larger series of screenings on visual music there, curated by Cindy Keefer of the […]


visual music in Napoli

Next week i’ll be visiting Napoli for the second time to present films at the Independent Film Show. This year I will present a programme with my own films, a projection of a work-in-progress (more about that later), and a programme of abstract films from […]


Abstract Film and Utopia in Napoli

On the 18th and 19th of November I presented two programmes at the 6th edition of the Independent Film Show, organized by Rafaella Morra. The screenings were in the Fondazione Morra, in the Palazzo Spagnuolo, in Naples. Here the programme listings and my introductory text: […]


two programmes of films for Scheltema, Leiden

On sunday October 29, 2006 two programmes with abstract films were shown at the first edition of the Leids Film Festival. On of the venues was the Scheltema building where the Veenfabriek resides, and they wanted to show a more experimental set of programmes there. […]


Crystals and Curves in Helsinki

At the end of November 2005 I showed the ‘Crystals and Curves’ programme in the Avanto Festival in Helsinki. It was originally put together as part of a much larger manifestation which took place in 2004 at the Dutch Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. This programme was […]