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still from the visuals of 'Ursae Minoris'.

ursae minoris

Recently I have been working intensively to finish a new project called ‘Ursae Minoris’, in collaboration with composer Claudio F. Baroni and double bass player Dario Calderone. It is based on a musical score in three parts for double bass and electronics that Claudio Baroni […]


le corps du ballet

Last weekend I worked with Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten for a new piece that will premiere coming Wednesday in the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. They made a choreography for 26 dancers of the Ballet de Monte Carlo. I made a short interlude to […]


double points: ΟΥΤΙΣ

As mentioned before I’ve been collaborating with Emio Greco | PC and composer Hans-Peter Kyburz on a new installment of the Double Points: + project. This time the piece was extended to a small dance-opera of about an hour, called “double points: ΟΥΤΙΣ”. I very […]


watch this space

While preparing a new installment of a long-running collaborative project (and also here) with Emio Greco | PC and composer Hans-Peter Kyburtz, I’ve finally taken up using jitter-shaders, OpenGL etcetc: I don’t like OpenGL very much at all as a programming environment since it is […]


november 15

on november 15 there will be three more or less simultaneous events: - the premiere of ‘Licht is de Machine‘, at the Valkenburg former military air base, near Leiden. ‘Licht is de Machine’ is a music theatre production by the Veenfabriek, for which I provided […]


[purgatorio] popopera

Yesterday June 19 was the premiere at the Holland Festival of “Popopera“, the other half of the sequel of “Hell”, by Pieter C. Scholten and Emio Greco. The music for it was composed by Michael Gordon, lights by Henk Danner, stage design by Marc Warning. […]


[purgatorio] in visione

Friday the 13th was the premiere of “In Visione” at the Holland Festival, the latest piece by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, which is a solo for Emio and orchestra. For this piece I’m doing live projections. The piece is one half of the […]