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philidog, miso and more vehicles

I my cybernetic zoo post of a couple of days ago I was talking about the cybernetic dog made by Philips in 1928, called ‘Philidog’. It is amazingly hard to find more information about it, but I found an article in a french science magazine […]


shapes from space


a cybernetic zoo

A collection of early cybernetic artificial organisms. The most well-known (and arguably the most interesting) are the tortoises made by Grey Walter around 1949 (see this page), but it turns out there are many others. I would be very grateful for more information on some […]


one billion years

Another interesting philosophical science-fiction book that was mentioned by Otto Rössler in his ‘Endophysics‘. The title of the english translation is ‘Definitely Maybe, a Manuscript Discovered in Unusual Circumstances’, and it was written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in 1976-77. They wrote many books, amongst […]


sand seen from space

Two pictures from Google Earth, both appr. 140 kilometres wide.