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electricity for eyes

A short survey of the history of what is known as ‘sensory substitution’: The purest form of vision through electricity is described by Helmholtz in his “Handbuch der Physiologischen Optik”, L. Voss, Leipzig, 1867: “Le Roy liess den Entladungsschlag auf einen am Staar erblindeten jungen […]


proud to be a nerd

found this 4d version of tic tac toe after two hours of addiction I was very proud of this result: later I also found a quantum version of tic tac toe, but here no computer adversary …


Kepler on the camera eye

The first description of the retinal image, from Johannes Kepler, “Ad Vitellionem paralipomena quibus Astronomiæ pars optica traditvr”, Francofvrti, Apud Claudium Marnium & Hæredes Ioannis Aubrii, 1604. In my own english translation (not just a bit helped by the french translation in Catherine Chevalley, “Les […]


philosophy through the eye

Reading two very different books simultaneously: Philippe Hamou, “La Mutation Du Visible, Essai Sur La Portée Epistémologique Des Instruments d’Optique au XVIIe Siècle, Volume 1:Du Sidereus Nuncius De Galilée à La Dioptrique Cartésienne”, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, Villeneuve d’Asq, 1999. Back to reading about historical […]


first ever programmed motion ?

From “Peri Automatopoietikes” (On the making of Automata) by Hero from Alexandria (around the year 50 AD) in the edition by Schmidt from 1899. In this book he describes a kind of automatical theatre, showing different scenes from a mythical story. One of the (many […]


talk and screening in Tilburg

On tuesday march 6 I will talk and show three of my films in the Filmfoyer, Tilburg as part of the series ‘Animatie Binnenstebuiten’ (Animation Inside-out) organized by the NIAF (Dutch Institute for Animation Film). I will show my films “#3″, “#23.2, Book of Mirrors” […]