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film #37 in progress

again a still, this is taken from section 3.


curious clustering at Le Bois de Cise


paintable computers

amazing stuff (quoted from this overview): “Closely related to the swarm idea is the concept of a paintable computer, as Bill Butera proposed in his PhD dissertation (“Programming a Paintable Computer,” doctoral dissertation, MIT Media Laboratory, MIT, 2002). The idea is that several thousand parasitically […]


a multidimensional world

Yet another new webservice coming up, this one called ‘Fotowoosh‘ (via InternetActu). But these guys write: “Fotowoosh will forever change the way you think of your pictures. We live in a multidimensional world- it’s time to break out of the one or two dimensions that […]

ants and flow

I thought i’d give my own assignment a try so I made a jitter program in which image flow is visualized in real-time by a population of about a thousand agents. These agents behave like ants in the sense that they communicate by leaving trails […]