Monthly Archives: August 2007


home in the sky

The result of a charming bug in Google Sky: when you change from Earthview to Skyview, it keeps displaying your earthly placemarks. So the marker above indicates my home.


film #37 in progress

busy with section 7 and 8.


inorganic life in plasmacrystals ?

a plasmacrystal from New Scientist: “According to a new simulation, electrically charged dust can organise itself into DNA-like double helixes that behave in many ways like living organisms, reproducing and passing on information to one another.” “Like DNA, the dust spirals can store information. They […]


bizarre vibrations

check out this video, see also earlier post.


life itself

This summer I spent most of my reading time on this book: “Life Itself, A Comprehensive Inquiry Into the Nature, Origin and Fabrication of Life”, by Robert Rosen. It is an amazing book, of quite incredible scope. The book steadily builds up one very clear […]


visualizing sound in space

A slightly more hightech version from 1950 of the devices discussed in an earlier post. Also in many ways similar to the ‘Camera Lucida: sonochemical observatory’ by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand. Via Modern Mechanix.


film #37 in progress

and from section 6.