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film #37 in progress


cubic and square

In 1965 the Centre for Cubic Constructions was founded in the south of The Netherlands by two designers Jan Slothouber and William Graatsma. They had been active already since 1955 working for Dutch state firms such as the mail service and the Dutch mines of […]


colloquy of mobiles

two females and two males. While leafing through the “Cybernetic Serendipity” catalogue busy looking for something else, I was struck by this description of the installation by Gordon Pask, called “The Colloquy of Mobiles”. Gordon Pask is amazing, and I didn’t realize he was in […]


eudaemonic shoe

Was reading some more about tactile projection and vibrotactile displays, and I came across the ‘eudaemonics‘ group, utterly nerdy precursors of wearable computing. From Wikipedia: “Since the calculations were very complicated, they decided to build a computer customized for the purpose of being fed data […]