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film #37 in progress


Heinz von Foerster

At Sonic Acts, Timothy Druckrey showed interview clips of Heinz von Foerster from the film “Das Netz”, by Lutz Dammbeck. I knew von Foerster’s name as a collegue of Gordon Pask and one of the founders of constructivist thinking, but I did not quite yet […]


the mechanization of the magical sign

‬ Next week the Sonic Acts festival will take place again, with an amazing line-up this year. Apart from the great performances, exhibition, film programs and conference, the festival will also see the launch of the book that was the result of a conference in […]


film #37 in progress


the return of the boids

image H.Chaté, F.Raynaud, STARFLAG Project, CNR-INFM In 1986 Craig Reynolds devised the boids-algorithm, based on a model of the interactions in flocks, herds or schools of animals. The magic of the boids algorithm is that complex overall patterns emerge from local interactions between agents. Reynolds […]


radical optimism

F.M.Esfandiary (or FM-2030 as he preferred to be called) was a radical optimist and after reading some of his stuff it is obvious he was the source of many ideas that are nowadays expressed by people like Ray Kurzweil, Hans Moravec and other transhumanists. He […]