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more outsider logic

In a previous post I’ve been discussing the beautiful materializations of the logical notation by Shea Zellweger. I was very much surprised to see him discussed by Louis Kauffman at the end of his book about ‘Laws of Form’ which I mentioned in the previous […]


amazing page

About a book I started to read a bit more than a year ago, but did not understand beyond its incredible introduction. This is the page of the author of that book, and here is a great guide to it. I am now reading again […]


wise words of Nam June Paik

“I also envisage the day when the collaboration of artist and engineer will progress into the unification of artist and engineer into one person. According to my past experience, the best results were achieved through accident and error. As you see, the transistor was discovered […]


artistic precursors of transhumanism ?

two quotes by artists that could be labelled ‘transhumanist’ even though they appeared a couple of years before the first publications by F.M.Esfandiary (1973) and Robert Ettinger (1972) that spread the notion of transhumanism: ” Even with no end view in sight, it is difficult […]


november 15

on november 15 there will be three more or less simultaneous events: - the premiere of ‘Licht is de Machine‘, at the Valkenburg former military air base, near Leiden. ‘Licht is de Machine’ is a music theatre production by the Veenfabriek, for which I provided […]



never heard of shakeygrams before.