Monthly Archives: June 2009


artscience graduates exhibition

Today and tomorrow are the final exams of the bachelors and masters of the ArtScience Interfaculty. The installations and performances will continue to be shown as part of the final exam exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, from saturday the […]


the future is retro

The two first images triggered by the last; the first is the ‘Island Dance Restaurant’, designed by Norman Bel Geddes in 1924, the second is ‘Air Liner number 4′, a flying ocean liner of 8 decks, designed by Norman Bel Geddes in 1929, the third […]


something new

#37 in filmmuseum

The Filmmuseum in Amsterdam will be showing my film #37 for a whole week, starting tonight. It will be shown as a separate film, not in a compilation programme, which is a daring way to show an experimental film ! Screenings are at 19h45 each […]


A fragment of ‘Pragmatism‘ by William James, a book written in 1907. I found this quoted in another book about which I’ll write as soon as I find the time to finish reading it. I suppose pragmatism can be seen as a precursor to constructivism […]


etienne’s drawing machine