Monthly Archives: August 2009


network practices

Recently I read a very nice collection of essays that was published about two years ago: Anthony Burke, Therese Tierney (ed.), “Network Practices : New Strategies in Architecture and Design“, Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2007. It is interesting, relevant and readable, and certainly very […]


book of mirrors in amsterdam

Today the ASKO/Schönberg ensemble, conducted by Clark Rundell, gave a great performance of Book of Mirrors, as part of the Toonzetters festival in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Eight years ago Rozalie Hirs wrote the score, and I made the film. Great to see it […]



A fragment of this amazing image by Alfred Lee that is today’s NASA Astronomy Picture of The Day. It reminded me of how AlHazen (11th century) figured out the principle of the camera obscura by observing the shape of light patches produced during solar eclipses. […]


vague terrain 14

‘tp8′ (left) and ‘tp2′ (right) by Jonathan McCabe. One of my favourite blogs around is dataisnature, and its author, Paul Prudence, has edited the 14th issue of the online journal ‘Vague Terrain’. It is a great collection of stuff, mostly visual and architectural work around […]