Monthly Archives: December 2009



As a next small step towards #47, I’m doing (quite basic) experiments with pixelnetworks of my own invention. Inspired by Ashby’s Homeostat, McCulloch and Pitts‘ artificial neurons and Kauffman’s Boolean Networks. Thanks to Python and Cython.


random graphs

Triggered by my slow reading of Stuart Kauffman’s book, I am playing around with visualizations of random graphs; what started as an exercise to learn about their properties might result in a short film. A spinoff of something bigger that needs more time to see […]


boolean networks

As part of the still very much exploratory searching in preparation of #47, I am slowly reading ‘The Origins of Order’ by Stuart Kauffman. It is one of the densest books I’ve ever read; many ideas per page within a grand arch that stretches from […]