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etienne’s drawing machine


double points: ΟΥΤΙΣ

As mentioned before I’ve been collaborating with Emio Greco | PC and composer Hans-Peter Kyburz on a new installment of the Double Points: + project. This time the piece was extended to a small dance-opera of about an hour, called “double points: ΟΥΤΙΣ”. I very […]

screenings coming up

#37 After recent screenings in Oslo and Leeds there will be a couple of dates coming up in March and April: march 21, #3, at the Baby-Matinee (cool !) during the Courtisane Festival, Gent, Belgium march 25, #37, in the “Illuminations Of The Beyond” competition […]


wu ming

When I opened G. Spencer Brown’s ‘Laws of Form‘ (and here and here and here) book for the first time, I immediately made the link with the film ‘Wu Ming’ by James Whitney, because both film and book open with the same quote from the […]


watch this space

While preparing a new installment of a long-running collaborative project (and also here) with Emio Greco | PC and composer Hans-Peter Kyburtz, I’ve finally taken up using jitter-shaders, OpenGL etcetc: I don’t like OpenGL very much at all as a programming environment since it is […]