the building of #53 in progress.

the building of #53 in progress.

At the moment, I am busy building my new installation #53 in DordtYart in Dordrecht. It will open coming Saturday, the 6th of September, from 14h to 18h.

In #53, the viewer sees spatial colours that depend on her position relative to a luminous window. Wearing a pair of glasses, the viewer navigates through a field of colours that are invisible to the naked eye. The installation stages the process of probing that is integral to perception.
#53 is the first piece I have ever made that does not involve electricity; a partially parabolic reflector captures the light from the skylight overhead and directs it into the installation. The starting point for its development was to make a piece that is only visible in polarized light, as a continuation of my interest in the augmentation of our senses. That interest first resulted in my installation #47, also still on display in DordtYart.

On the 18th of September, at 20h, I will give a small presentation of my work at DordtYart, focusing on the ideas behind #53. The same evening there will also be presentations by Paul Devens and Thomas Bakker.
The exhibition will be open until the 28th of September, each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11h to 17h. Dordtyart is located at Maasstraat 11, 3313 CR Dordrecht.

a blind man and his cane according to Descartes

perception as probing in an image taken from Descartes’ La Dioptrique