Theory and Actuality of Media Art

This page contains information about the second year, first semester course ‘Theory and Actuality of Media Art’ at the Media Art Studio of KASK in Ghent. A long time ago, this course was initiated by Peter Beyls and it was taught by various people according to their own insights afterwards. In 2017, I took over from Bram Crevits.

As long as the course runs, these pages will remain under construction. Each page serves as a condensed reminder of the subjects discussed.

Alphons Schilling, "Kleiner Vogel", 1978.
Alphons Schilling, “Kleiner Vogel”, 1978.

course description

1 visual music

2 extended perception

3 cyborgs

4 robots

5 bio-art

6 generative art

7 virtual art

8 communications art

9 sound art

Joost Rekveld