machines and looms of nature

Scheme XIV - On the surfaces of Rosemary, and other leaves (from "Micrographia" by Robert Hooke - 1665).

great quote from the preface of the ‘Micrographia’ by Robert Hooke (1665): “For the Members of the Assembly having before their eys so many fatal […]

the analog art

EAI analog computer installation at the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt.

analog computing Analog computers have intrigued me ever since I saw one for the first time and had no clue how to operate it, despite […]

sea mirror of circle measurements


Borgesian poetry found on page 290 of George Gheverghese Joseph’s book “The Crest of the Peacock, The Non-European Roots of Mathematics”, in the section on […]

xy recording


  As an unexpected side-track of my current interest in analog computing, I found myself today making analog ‘programs’ to be drawn on a XY-recorder […]


a blind man and his cane according to Descartes

  At the moment, I am busy building my new installation #53 in DordtYart in Dordrecht. It will open coming Saturday, the 6th of September, […]

air colours

heim fig20

The most interesting books I have invariably come from messy bookstores, where known topics have random and unlikely neighbours, for no reason other than life. […]