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This year’s Sonic Acts festival saw the premiere of my new installation #71.1, as part of their exhibition in The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. #71.1 is a generative audiovisual composition for radar display tube and analog chaotic circuit, an experimental outcome of my long-term research […]

cover of the 1967 edition.

fine distinction

Since I wrote my somewhat longish post on analog computing, many things have happened. For instance, I have become the proud owner of an EAI TR-48 analog computer from 1963, a machine to which I will devote a future longish post with plenty images as […]

a scan with the scanner upside down.

scanning electrometer

At the moment I am working to improve a rather elementary sensor for electrostatic fields, in an attempt to use it to make images. Since I do not really know what these images should look like, that brought me to an interesting and unexpected philosophical […]

a blind man and his cane according to Descartes


  At the moment, I am busy building my new installation #53 in DordtYart in Dordrecht. It will open coming Saturday, the 6th of September, from 14h to 18h. In #53, the viewer sees spatial colours that depend on her position relative to a luminous […]


#47 in dordrecht

With my residency at Utopisch Nest and my exhibition in Leiden now over, #47 can currently be seen at Dordtyart in Dordrecht. It will remain there for some months, possibly in changing configurations, depending on my ongoing work on the visualisations that are displayed in […]


opening #47

Tomorrow will be the opening of the exhibition of the tangible results so far of my project #47, that has been on and off in the works is the last year or so. Some backgrounds to this project can be had here, but I have […]