“#43, Lichenometry”, live-cinema debut

Last saturday I had a premiere at the Vancouver New Music festival, for which the blurb read as follows: “In what will be his live-cinema debut, Joost Rekveld will explore his ongoing fascination with visual renderings of growth processes. Inspired by the first attempts of computer pioneer Alan Turing to model the differentation of cells in an embryo, the agents in this performance are similar to chemical oscillators and slightly more complicated fluid automata. They both define and navigate the pixel space around them, and adapt to a landscape that is constantly changing. For this performance Giorgio Magnanensi will create live, layered sounds that interact with Rekveld’s visuals.”

This piece will stay experimental for a long time, so i’ll be trying out different collaborations in the coming months. Also I am going to work on producing my own sounds from the same base processes as the images, but I’m keeping an open mind about what could come out of that. On a parallel track, I’m looking forward to resume my investigations into evolving pixelnetworks.

Below two pictures from the first five minutes of the piece, after this the imagery is quite different and more like the pictures I posted recently.