the new scepticism

“Whereas traditional skepticism challenged whether we can know, on the basis of experience, that things are as we experience them as being, the new skepticism questions whether we even have the perceptual experience we think we have. Perceptual consciousness, according to the new skepticism, is a kind of false consciousness. Perceptual experience is a ‘grand illusion’.”
“It may seem to you as if your perceptual experience is detailed, continuous, and gap-free. In fact, it is fragmentary, discountinuous, and sparsely detailed. You have false beliefs about the character of experience. You do not actually enjoy the experience you think you do.”

Yesterday I got my hands on a great book, as part of the self-inflicted radical-constructivist brainwashing that has been going on for the last year and a half or so:
Alva Noë, Evan Thompson (ed.), “Vision and Mind, Selected Readings in the Philosophy of Perception.
MIT press, Cambridge, 2002.
The quotes above are taken from its introduction.