Monthly Archives: January 2006


installation #41 in Centraal Museum

from september 28 to october 8, 2006 my installation #41 was shown in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, as part of the ‘Re:visie’-programme, itself part of the Dutch Film Festival. Installation #41 consists of a green laserprojection of clusters of points on the black walls […]


The Assassin Tree in Edinburgh and London

On friday the 25th of August 2006 was the premiere of ‘The Assassin Tree’: an opera composed by Stuart MacRae, with words by Simon Armitage, directed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. It was commissioned by the Edinburgh International Theatre Festival and produced by […]


Crystals and Curves in Helsinki

At the end of November 2005 I showed the ‘Crystals and Curves’ programme in the Avanto Festival in Helsinki. It was originally put together as part of a much larger manifestation which took place in 2004 at the Dutch Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. This programme was […]


:+ in Paris

“:+” (or “Double Points: +”, or “Double Points: Cross”) is a collaboration between choreographer Emio Greco, director Pieter Scholten and composer Hans-Peter Kyburz. This collaboration started in 2004 and in 2005 the Festival d’Automne à Paris commissioned an expanded version. In this expanded version Emio […]



In july 2005 was the premiere of the music theatre piece ‘Escamotage’, composed by Yannis Kyriakides, directed by Paul Koek. It was produced by the Veenfabriek in Leiden and the Forum Neues Musiktheater in Stuttgart. It was created and premiered in Stuttgart and performed in […]



The music theatre piece ‘Superville’ is based on the life and theories of Humbert de Superville: ” Humbert de Superville (1770-1849) was the first director of the Print Collection of Leiden University. He was a gifted draughtsman and theorist of the arts. One hundred year […]


‘A House in 4 Dimensions’

‘A House in Four Dimensions’ is a meditation on the conceptual heritage of Moholy-Nagy as written down in his posthumously published book ‘Vision in Motion’. It is a montage of imagery from scientific and industrial films, forming a kind of ‘montage-essay’ about the human technological […]