Monthly Archives: December 2006


mechanical self-assembly

from a paper I found when I was creating some order in my bookshelves: Peter Dittrich, Jens Ziegler, and Wolfgang Banzhaf: Artificial chemistries – a review. Artificial Life, 7(3):225–275, 2001 the quote runs: ” Mechanical Artificial Chemistry Hosokawa et al. [64] show that a mechanical […]


suprematist manual in Muhka

On thursday december 14, 2006 the exhibition ‘The Projection Project’ opened in the Muhka in Antwerp. This exhibition includes my installation ‘Suprematist manual’ and will run until the 25th of february, 2007. This installation is a didactical display exploring seven stages in the historical development […]


talk and screening in Gouda

On saturday december 16 I will talk and show two of my films in Kunstcentrum Burgvliet, Gouda, as part of the manifestation ’2006 lightyears’. I will show my films “#23.2, Book of Mirrors” and “#11, Marey MoirĂ©” and I will talk about the backgrounds of […]


Zeven Suprematistische Revoluties

Accompanying the ‘Projection project” exhibition in the Muhka, NAI publishers in Rotterdam have published a book with background texts. As the only visual contribution, I made a 16-page book-version of my installation “Suprematist manual”. It is based on pictures of some of the objects in […]