Monthly Archives: February 2009


odd quanta

Just finished reading ‘A Shortcut through Time’, by George Johnson, a popular-scientific book explaining some of the ideas behind quantum computing. I thought it was a slightly disappointing book, for a number of reasons that do not have much to do with the author or […]


cardiac rhythms

I’ve been trying out another simulation of a reaction-diffusion system, this time the FitzHugh-Nagumo model. It models the way waves travel through certain types of ‘excitable media’, especially neurons. As far as I understood it’s supposedly a mechanism like this that is responsible for the […]


philip k. dick

In order to plug a hole in my erudition I started reading some of Philip K. Dick‘s books. “Time Out of Joint” (1959) has some similarities with “Simulacron-3“, in the sense that the protagonist is also asking himself the question whether the world around him […]



I’m now experimenting with a simple reaction-diffusion system, inspired by Alan Turing. Still needs a lot of tweaking.



Today I saw a small network actually learn something. A small step for everybody else, but a bigger step for me.


flat learning curve

I am trying to stimulate a system to figure out its own way of how to behave; for now, lots of activity, but not much progress….


pict and starting work on #47

very intriguing picture, from: MacKay, D. J. C. and Miller, K. D. (1990), “Analysis of Linsker’s simulation of Hebbian rules”, Neural Computation, 2:173-187. Haven’t really looked at that particular paper, but I am reading a lot about Neural Computation and Genetic Algorithms, without really knowing what the […]