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from ‘Pandemonium: a Paradigm for Learning’, by O.G.Selfridge, in ‘Mechanisation of Thought Processes’, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, London, 1959.

screenings coming up

#37 A (possibly incomplete) listing of screenings coming up beginning of november: 3 november, #3 at The Independent Film Show, Napoli. 3 november, #37 in ‘Lichtspiel‘, hosted by CalArts and CVM at RedCat, Los Angeles. 4-8 november, #37 in Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht. 8 […]


#47 public beta in Roeselaere

Today was the premiere of a piece that is a first hint of what will once become #47. It lives now as a composition for videowall and 920 very bright rgb leds on a rectangular box, both on top of the head office of Modular, […]




the future was built in 1959

Encountered this building by accident while walking around, was blown away by it and reminded of a previous post.

the new scepticism

“Whereas traditional skepticism challenged whether we can know, on the basis of experience, that things are as we experience them as being, the new skepticism questions whether we even have the perceptual experience we think we have. Perceptual consciousness, according to the new skepticism, is […]