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11 films

At the latest Rotterdam Film festival was the launch of a project that has been quite some time in the making: a DVD/Blu-ray box set with my main films until 2018. It is great that these are now out there in another format than only […]



In recent months I’ve been too busy to post many things here, but in the past year I did write a number of essays or other texts that were published in nicely designed publications. Catching up in more or less antichronological order: Coming Monday, at […]


re-imagining animation

Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff have made a great book about the current state of animated film. It features an interview between me and Paul Wells. Paul Wells, Johnny Hardstaff, “Re-Imagining Animation, The Changing Face of the Moving Image”, AVA Publishing, Lausanne, 2008 (officially out […]


the mechanization of the magical sign

‬ Next week the Sonic Acts festival will take place again, with an amazing line-up this year. Apart from the great performances, exhibition, film programs and conference, the festival will also see the launch of the book that was the result of a conference in […]


plants as inventors

As part of (as always) escalating research for an essay I’m writing I’ve recently been reading this little book: “Die Pflanze als Erfinder” (The Plant as an Inventor), by Raoul Heinrich Francé, Kosmos, Stuttgart, 1920. It is a popular-scientific version of a more hefty volume […]


Zeven Suprematistische Revoluties

Accompanying the ‘Projection project” exhibition in the Muhka, NAI publishers in Rotterdam have published a book with background texts. As the only visual contribution, I made a 16-page book-version of my installation “Suprematist manual”. It is based on pictures of some of the objects in […]


Sonic Light 2003: composing light, articulating space

(This text was an introduction to the ninth edition of the Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam, held in 2003 under the title Sonic Light 2003. I put together the conference, the film programme (with Erwin van ‘t Hart) and parts of the evening programme (mostly […]