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In recent months I’ve been too busy to post many things here, but in the past year I did write a number of essays or other texts that were published in nicely designed publications. Catching up in more or less antichronological order: Coming Monday, at […]


re-imagining animation

Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff have made a great book about the current state of animated film. It features an interview between me and Paul Wells. Paul Wells, Johnny Hardstaff, “Re-Imagining Animation, The Changing Face of the Moving Image”, AVA Publishing, Lausanne, 2008 (officially out […]


the mechanization of the magical sign

‬ Next week the Sonic Acts festival will take place again, with an amazing line-up this year. Apart from the great performances, exhibition, film programs and conference, the festival will also see the launch of the book that was the result of a conference in […]


plants as inventors

As part of (as always) escalating research for an essay I’m writing I’ve recently been reading this little book: “Die Pflanze als Erfinder” (The Plant as an Inventor), by Raoul Heinrich Francé, Kosmos, Stuttgart, 1920. It is a popular-scientific version of a more hefty volume […]


Zeven Suprematistische Revoluties

Accompanying the ‘Projection project” exhibition in the Muhka, NAI publishers in Rotterdam have published a book with background texts. As the only visual contribution, I made a 16-page book-version of my installation “Suprematist manual”. It is based on pictures of some of the objects in […]


Sonic Light 2003: composing light, articulating space

(This text was an introduction to the ninth edition of the Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam, held in 2003 under the title Sonic Light 2003. I put together the conference, the film programme (with Erwin van ‘t Hart) and parts of the evening programme (mostly […]


Abstract Film and the work of Bart Vegter

(Text I wrote in Dutch as a background to a filmproject by Bart Vegter, for an english translation see below) de Abstracte Film en het Werk van Bart Vegter Joost Rekveld, Rotterdam, maart 2001 geschiedenis De abstracte film is een filmgenre dat al bijna even […]