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The ghost image.

a thing speaking for itself

As a consquence of my recent explorations of radar display tubes, I’ve become not only interested in tubes that turn electronic signals into light patterns, but also in those that do the reverse. Until the mid-1980′s all video camera’s were based on tubes in which […]

under construction


handbag with key hiding in plain sight in 'Dial M for Murder' by Alfred Hitchcock.

more Meno

An unexpected encounter with an old question on pages 21-22 of Michael Polanyi, “The Tacit Dimension”, University of Chicago Press, 2009: “It is a commonplace that all research must start from a problem. Research can be successful only if the problem is good; it can […]

the first operational "numeric control" milling machine at MIT in 1951.

roads not taken

    Some time ago I referred to one of David Noble’s books, since it led me on to the writings of Lynn White, but since a couple of days I have been reading the book for which David Noble himself is most well-known: “Forces […]

cover of the 1967 edition.

fine distinction

Since I wrote my somewhat longish post on analog computing, many things have happened. For instance, I have become the proud owner of an EAI TR-48 analog computer from 1963, a machine to which I will devote a future longish post with plenty images as […]

a scan with the scanner upside down.

scanning electrometer

At the moment I am working to improve a rather elementary sensor for electrostatic fields, in an attempt to use it to make images. Since I do not really know what these images should look like, that brought me to an interesting and unexpected philosophical […]


Bachelard on measuring

Reading the second chapter of Hans-Jörg Rheinberger‘s ‘Epistemologie des Konkreten’ triggered me to start reading Gaston Bachelards writings on the philosophy of science and epistemology. I started with his ‘Essai sur la connaissance approchée’ (1927), which is in fact his doctoral thesis and (I suppose) […]