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film #37 in progress

another still from my film-in-progress #37, this time from section two:


talk in NAI as part of Filmfestival Rotterdam

still from projection in installation “Suprematist Manual” On monday the 29th of January 2007 I will give a talk in the NAI in Rotterdam, as part of the ‘Luminaries’-lecture series which accompanies the ‘Speed of Light’-exhibition which is part of the ‘Exploding Cinema’ section of […]


the homeostat

and some very poetic words by Pierre de Latil about how this machine finds an equilibrium in all circumstances: “Comme l’eau des cavernes obscures toujours trouve un chemin libre, et toujours le chemin le plus court, à travers les obstacles, et les détours, et les […]


film #37 in progress

At the moment I’m hard at work on my film #37, a film I’ve started to work on six or seven years ago. This project has been the core around which my interests in morphogenesis and artificial life have developed. In (very) short the film […]



An interesting project started by people from Cornell University: to develop a way in which people can build their own rapid-prototyping machine. Their reasoning behind the project is that making these machines more accessible will trigger the same kind of explosion as happened when computers […]


xxxxx book

now reading this book: [the] xxxxx [reader] Published September 2006 in association with mute. 476 pages. ISBN: 0955066441 A great collection of texts, ranging from classics like Leibniz’ “monadology” and De Quincey’s “English Mail Coach” via theory by for example Friedrich Kittler and Otto Rössler, […]



reading these two books: “Simulacron-3″ by Daniel F. Galouye is from 1964 and is often mentioned as the first ever description of virtual reality. The story centers around a very sophisticated simulation machine and around the idea that life in such a simulation is as […]