Monthly Archives: April 2007


film #37 in progress

yet another still, this from section 1


the structure of turbulence

a great image from (great) research at MIT, via FutureFeeder.


the phonoscope, phoneidoscope and the eidophone

Some fragments on early devices that visualize sound-waves. I wrote about some of these in my short survey “Symmetry and Harmonics“, but there are many more. In the end most of these devices seem to be inspired by Chladni’s experiments producing sand patterns on vibrating […]


exhibition in Pictura, Dordrecht

From april 14 until may 13 I will be showing a small part of my installation ‘Suprematist Manual‘ in Pictura in Dordrecht. It will be part of the exhibition “Transposed and Illuminated“, curated by Frank van der Salm. I will be showing only the projection […]


sand in Zeeland


harmonic writing by Marey

from page 116 of Etienne-Jules Marey, “Du Mouvement dans les Fonctions de la Vie: Leçons faites au Collège de France”, Baillière, Paris, 1878. Here Marey discusses a modification by M.Koenig of the method of visualizing curves by Lissajous; these patterns are produced by a vertical […]