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martian layers

picture came from here.

screenings coming up

Two screenings I’m aware of beginning of december: 9 december, Cinéma et art numérique: Random Access, Lyon. 9 december, Op Kijkavond met Bart Vegter, Extrapool/Lux, Nijmegen.


halting vs. dying

Between things I started rereading the great paper by Walter Fontana and Leo Buss about artificial chemistry. I read it a long time ago, but after having read Von Foerster, Maturana, Varela, Spencer-Brown, Rosen, Cariani, Kaufman (Louis) and Kauffman (Stuart), I now see that it […]


a hierarchy of cameras

from this site by Jan Neumann about Polydioptric cameras (sometimes also called Plenoptic cameras).


modern times



from: Sebastien Truchet, ‘Mémoire sur les Combinaisons’, in: Mémoires de l’Academie Royale des Sciences, Paris, 1704.