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life from crystals

There’s many early theories about crystals being some kind of intermediaries between the mineral and the vegetative realms, but this article takes that ancient idea to new horizons. Via greythumb.


#41.3 Fuji at CBK Apeldoorn

From december 4 until january 26 I will show a new version of my #41.3 Fuji at the CBK Apeldoorn. During the opening event there, on december 2 at 13h45 I will give a brief talk about my work. The first version of this installation […]


technology as ape

For various reasons I’ve never been a big fan of Robert Fludd (nor of his slightly younger collegue Athanasius Kircher for that matter). Bluntly said I’ve always seen them as expert makers of great compilations, but they are mentioned so often in all kinds of […]


ghosts of luca pacioli

Last week in Napoli I revisited the Capodimonte museum and its amazing collection of paintings. At some point I found myself face to face with this canvas, attributed to Jacobo de Barbari, a portrait of the mathematician Luca Pacioli painted in 1495. Luca Pacioli wrote […]


osmotic growth

osmotic flowers I’ve just finished reading a book written in 1910 by Stéphane Leduc, a professor at the medical school in Nantes. I read the French version which is called “Théorie Physico-Chimique de la Vie, et Générations Spontanées” (Poinat Editeur, Paris, 1910), there is also […]


visual music in Napoli

Next week i’ll be visiting Napoli for the second time to present films at the Independent Film Show. This year I will present a programme with my own films, a projection of a work-in-progress (more about that later), and a programme of abstract films from […]