Monthly Archives: January 2010


About two years ago I discovered this book more or less by chance: Gilbert Simondon, “Du Mode d’Existence Des Objets Techniques”, Aubier/Montaigne, Paris, 1958 Only to discover that it is less obscure than I thought, but mostly known due to its influence on Deleuze. I’m […]


trajectories and landscapes

Ok, this will be another nerdy post, thinking out loud about my explorations of evolutionary algorithms and Kauffman-inspired networks of pixels. I have been doing plenty of experiments, at first tweaking the ways I do selection and mutation. I get the best results using some […]


evolving pixelnetworks

Currently I am trying all kinds of selection and ranking strategies in order to get the best results when evolving pixelnetworks. So far nothing beats truncation, surprisingly enough. I’m still evolving the networks directly, the next step is to evolve a process of growth rather […]