#43.2 for the palmtop theatre

On the 21st of january will be the opening event of the Palm Top Theatre exhibition at V2 in Rotterdam. The Palm Top Theatre (or i3DG) is a small device invented by Jitsuro Mase and Tom Nagae that sits on top of an iPhone and transforms it into a 3d-ish peepbox with three semitransparant planes. It is a very nice way to turn an iPhone into a custom-device and it works in the sense that the images can seem three-dimensional. It remains very much a baroque-theater kind of 3d though: more 3-plane than 3-d. The aspect I liked most about it, is the smallness and preciousness of the images in it; it is great to hold a small box with images like this.

the baroque theatre in Český Krumlov.

the palm top theatre

Maki Ueda and Nae Morita, the curators of this exhibition, invited a number of artists to make pieces for the Palm Top Theatre, this time for the first time also shown in an iPad format.
The starting point for what I made was the software for my live-cinema piece #43, very much adapted for a multi-plane setup. The official blurb runs like this: “The agents in this piece are based on the first attempts of computerpioneer Alan Turing to model biological phenomena. They navigate a sonic space that stretches from Indian meditations on virtuality and dualism on the one hand, to workers who get on with things on the other hand.”