opening #47

Tomorrow will be the opening of the exhibition of the tangible results so far of my project #47, that has been on and off in the works is the last year or so. Some backgrounds to this project can be had here, but I have done much more research in connection with this about which I have not yet written anything. That will come, since this is not a project that is now over: it will continue under a different angle during this year’s season at art space DordtYart in Dordrecht, starting in three weeks.

This event will be the final presentation of my residency of sorts at Utopisch Nest in Leiden, that also triggered the first thoughts about this project, especially through their great exhibition “Utopia, Visions on a New World”, some time ago. The official blurb of the exhibition / walking route runs like this:

“Project#47 by Joost Rekveld starts from the assumption that human perception is
to a large extent malleable, and that changing that perception will influence the
relation between man and environment. How would it be to have the electric senses
of sharks, or to continually feel where the north is ? Would that make us behave
For #47, Rekveld developed several wearable devices that function as extra sensory
organs and did experiments that were inspired by the sonar of bats, the eyes of
some crustaceans that can see polarised light and the electrostatic senses in the
skin of fish. On three locations, Museum De Lakenhal, the Hortus Botanicus and the
Museum of Etnology, he will present three different stereoscopic video’s. These are
visualisations of the kinds of spatial perception Rekveld had through the electric
senses he built.”

The exhibition will run until the 13th of April, tuesday to friday from 11h to 17h, saturday and sunday from 12h to 17h. More practical info here.

This is me recording two-channel audio and 7-channel electrostatic fields, using my own sensors and a ‘haptic monitor’ that enables me to feel what is going on.
a still of one of the clips, each is based on electrostatic recordings made in the vicinity of the exhibition locations.


The route starts at Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, one of the two institutions that are home to Utopisch Nest.
The stereoscopic viewer in the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden:



The viewer in the central entry hall of the Etnological Museum in Leiden.